International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Engineering

Volume 11, Issue 4, July 2023

  • Calculation of Relative Permeability Curve Based on Type C Water Drive Curve

    Zhang Min, Zhang Feng, Cai Yintao, Wang Jie, Wang Yuzhen

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 4, July 2023
    Pages: 69-73
    Received: 4 July 2023
    Accepted: 19 July 2023
    Published: 27 July 2023
    Abstract: The oil-water relative permeability curve is the basis for the study of oil-water two-phase flow, and is indispensable for the calculation of oilfield development parameters, dynamic analysis and reservoir numerical simulation. In the absence of oil-water relative permeability curve, how to obtain the oil-water relative permeability curve with high... Show More
  • The Effect of Different Hydraulic Fracturing Width to the Well Production

    Jabrayil Eyvazov, Natig Hamidov

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 4, July 2023
    Pages: 74-78
    Received: 25 June 2023
    Accepted: 21 July 2023
    Published: 31 July 2023
    Abstract: By applying high pressure to tight formations like shale, a fluid, proppant, and additives create fractures or widen already existing ones to facilitate the flow of hydrocarbons into the well bore and ultimately to the surface facilities. Fracking, as hydraulic fracturing is more popularly known nowadays, is primarily utilized to produce hydrocarbo... Show More