International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Engineering

Volume 10, Issue 5, September 2022

  • Compatibility of Guar Gum-Based Fracturing Fluid and Breaker Due to Residue and Proppant Carrying Performance

    Dewi Asmorowati, Dedy Kristanto, Mia Ferian Helmy, Fanata Yudha, Nur Ilham Tarsila, Sukma Bayu Yusanto

    Issue: Volume 10, Issue 5, September 2022
    Pages: 115-120
    Received: 26 October 2022
    Accepted: 11 November 2022
    Published: 23 November 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ogce.20221005.11
    Abstract: Hydraulic fracturing is a method to improve reservoir permeability by injecting high-viscosity fluid (polymer) to allow fractures to occur in the formation and fill it with proppant. One factor that influences the success of hydraulic fracturing is the selection of fracturing fluid and its additives. A good fracturing fluid must have a high viscosi... Show More